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Vehicle Restraint System Specialists

Road Restraint Systems are a crucial component of a modern road infrastructure and
constitute one of the most important life-saving devices available to public authorities and
road operators.

With over 55 years of collective experiences in this sector, we at Hatton offer the following VRS services to help with your VRS needs.

New Installation & Maintenance of leading VRS systems
Advanced foundation testing prior to new installations
VRS repairs (Standard and Emergency)
VRS re-tensioning on existing fences
VRS inspections on existing fencing
Detailed VRS condition reporting

The systems to compliment the services above are:

· Tension Corrugated Beam (TCB)
· Open Box Beam (OBB)
· Double Rail Open Box Beam (DROBB)
· Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)
· Brifen Wire Rope
· FlexBeam & FlexGaurd
· Vetex
· Sologaurd Gates

· P4 Terminal (ABC)
· P4 Terminal (Trend)
· Temporary Steel Barriers
· Nature Rail
· Quest Crash Cushions
· MASS Barrier
· Parapets Steel & Aluminium

“2A and 2C accreditations”

We also have 2A and 2C accreditations to install all types of highway fencing like timber posts & rail, steel palisade, chain link fencing, gates and stiles including high security fencing. This compliments our VRS services that we have to offer.

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